Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tornado Tidbits - a look into our daily messy life

Ok, I just had to pull out the camera after walking through the house today. All I could think was "wow, what a MESS!". I try really hard to do a thorough clean once a week but on days like today, all I can do is shake my head and then join back in the fun that caused all the chaotic mess!

Here is the lovely ketchup splatter. Tornado boy is a ketchup fanatic and even loves to eat it with his stick cheese. Unfortunately, I tend to find ketchup in really strange places!!! Here is a pic of a nice splatter on the floor and the next pic, I have NO CLUE on the world a ketchup slotch got on the living room wall...I guess I shouldn't ask huh?

This one is just nuts....our recycling does not pic up the cardboard from all the various food boxes/toy boxes and I refuse to throw it in the, our laundry room sink is our "catch" for all things cardboard and when daddy is able, he takes a car load to the recycle center way down by his you can tell, we haven't had a load in quite awhile!!!!

Here is one day of play in Tornado boy's playroom...he took my old cuisinare rods and designed his own metro subway system complete with connection points and then add in some magnetics and his playmobile and we have a small village with the metro system.

Don't know if this one will come through but we have dribbled stains of the "cabbage water" we made this morning (for our science experiments that were done) all over the tile floor from the kitchen all the way through the front room to the laundry room. Nice little blobs of purple all over the place. All I can say is that red cabbage really SMELLS!!

Here is the kitchen counter from the afternoon...we did several science experiments today with learning about bases, neutrals and acids - we had stuff everywhere but tornado boy had a blast with doing all of them!

I am just pooped from the "busyness" of the house today and will just have to wait til tomorrow to clean everything up...or maybe in a few days :-)


  1. Oh, can I make you feel better! Just wait til *I* post pics!

    I came home tonight to find my back door open, my kitchen door open and the TV on. (No one had been home in over 2 hrs.) The light was on in the boys' room, the attic door was open, the clothes I'd sorted out but still had sitting on a ledge were on the floor, my clean laundry was dumped all over the living room floor, the dirty laundry was all over the bathoomr floor, the caterpillar escaped from his caterpillar habitat (found him on the kitchen table leg) and the toy room/front entrance was TRASHED! And did I mention that my dining room table has been covered with easy readers, electronics and YuGiOh cards for weeks now? :)


  2. I love it Jenny....dontcha just love messes!!! Why does it seem that kids have a magnet attraction to clean clothes in a laundry basket, all nice and folded? It is like my little guy sniffs the basket out and then purposely takes it and dumps it all over the place like a typhoon hit!