Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Favorite Things About Living in Florida

We have done so many eco-adventures over the past few days that I just had to do a 10 favorite things about living in Florida!

1. We went to Cape Canaveral National Seashore to hang out at the beach and got to see the two shuttles both poised on their launchpads.

2. Here is a beautiful Zebra butterfly we saw while out exploring

3. We went on a Manatee finding mission yesterday and came across this cool canal filled with tons and tons of.....turtles!

4. One of the pretty views on our two mile hike through Turkey Creek Sanctuary

5. This fat little guy has had one too many peanuts fed to him!!

6. A view of our backyard - we had so many doves camped out.

7. Tornado Boy's butterfly garden he planted last year - it's now in full bloom.

8. We took an eco-boat trip this weekend and explored the Indian and Banana rivers - we saw several dolphins and one manatee hump :-)

9. A view of the sunset from our front window looking across the street. I swear the sky turned 10 different colors in a matter of a view minutes.

10. The angry Florida Sky right before a hail storm

I know there are many times where I moan and complain about living in Florida because for 99% of the year it is usually hot and humid and I miss having real seasons....but these 10 pics quiet the whining!


  1. These are lovely pictures! And speaking from a place that has 4 seasons, 3 of which require lots and lots of layers, Florida looks REALLY good!

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  3. Thanks for sharing. Here I was sobbing about my own little 2E tornado boy having trouble at school... It's always good to know that there's more out there... :-) Got some good ideas from here too, thanks.