Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Life of a Squirrel

OK - we have this squirrel that has been part of our family for quite some time. He showed up when we of course placed the "squirrel" feeders in the yard (I mean come on folks, we would be lying if we called them bird feeders since the poor birds are usually left with nothing after Sir Squirrel gets his fill). I am convinced it is the same squirrel - but who knows! This goofy squirrel likes to play a game of taking mouth fulls of food and then hanging upside down on our screened in porch and eating. He(or she) pretty much devours anything in sight and will gorge himself every day. His daily schedule consists of...eating, lounging, eating, eating some more, lounging in the sun, eating....What a life!
He has a habit of "lounging" throughout the day all over Tornado Boy's playground set like he is king of the yard. At night, I have found that the little guy has a nest in one of our palm trees up front. Tornado Boy always gets a kick out of the crazy squirrel antics complete with the squirrel flicking his tail at Mach-10 all while making this "wha, wha, whaaaaaaa" sound while being suction cupped to the screen.
Tornado Boy loves messing around with my Microsoft Publisher and with my help we put a book together a few years ago called, "The Squirrel Ate the Sandbox".

I'd like to be a squirrel just for a few hours!

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