Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Ever Have One of Those Moments?

I know, stupid question to ask other mom's of 2e Tornado children....but, do you ever have one of those moments that just makes you smack your head and think what in the world is up with this child? I had one of those moments tonight....

.....we have recently set up this really cool camera/Internet connection with Tornado Boy's grandparents in South Carolina where we can all sit down at the computer and talk for as long as we want for FREE! No more long distance phone just need a camera on the computer, speakers and download the software and viola...we can all see and hear each other...pretty cool huh?

UNLESS, your child has chosen that time to be as totally spastic and bananas as can possibly be to the point that you have NO idea who in the world this kid is! My little tornado child decided he wanted to be a full flown EF5 tornado and rip through the entire area in under a second, screaming at the top of his lungs, showing a million items on the camera to grandma/grandpa and just acting like a total SPAZ! The icing on the cake though is when the little hooligan decided to show his grandparents his lovely new camo underwear (yes, we were running around in just a shirt and undies...his favorite attire it seems) and then he took it a step further and pulled his undies down and totally MOONED his grandparents! ACKKKKKKKKK!!! As my husband put it, "it doesn't get any better than that now does it?"

The Life and Times of living with a tornado!


  1. Mooning the webcam? Yeah, sounds about right. ;)

  2. His totally impish little laugh while he did it was just priceless...I am convinced I am raising a little nudist!!!

  3. I love your husband's comment, because if we can all enjoy these moments rather than try and control them, they are precious! Free to be himself, right? It's a good thing!!

  4. I am convinced that clothing would be considered "optional" in our house if I were not around to remind the boys that it kind of isn't an option issue. At least when we go out in public!!:-)
    Was it evening by any chance during your web-cam thing? We call 7:30p.m. the "witching hour" in our house. That's about the point where my 2e child starts bouncing off the walls. Which would be great if it meant he was tired and ready for bed. Sadly (for us-his parents), he doesn't usually go to sleep until 10:00 or 11:00. And back up by 6:30a.m. And people wonder why I'm a coffee addict???

  5. junespider - So to hear that we are not alone with the nudest thing! Any chance he has to throw off the shorts or undies and he is a happy camper....we have to draw the line though when he runs out to the driveway in the mornings to watch the garbage men! The call was absolutely almost at 7:30 - how funny is that!!!