Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never Under Estimate Tornados!

My husband and I had one of those "duh" moments last week when we purchased something for tornado boy. We both had no idea why we didn't think of it sooner...especially since it is pretty much what my husband does all day. It makes me ponder just how many other things I just think, "nah, that's too advanced" or "that looks too difficult" would catch his fancy.

I introduced a Circuit Kit to him in a local store and his interest was peeked immediately. So the introduction to building circuits began. This kit was right up his alley - it came with a step by step book with 101 circuits to build. To my complete astonishment, he was so fascinated and taken by them that he literally went through all 101 experiments in under 2 days. He spent the entire day with hardly any breaks going from one experiment to another.

It was so cool seeing a new passion spring out and see his face light up when he began to just mess with the circuits to try to make his own ideas. My husband was able to explain to him how each circuit experiment worked and he was honestly understanding it because the next day when Daddy was at work and I asked him to explain his current circuit he was working on, he blurted it out so matter of factly like he had known about circuits all his life.

Well, after 2 days, the exploration began with him building his own ideas but he noticed on the back of one of the flyers that there were BIGGER kits (which he so slyly pointed out to me). Daddy went online and found the grand daddy of circuit kits complete with a computer program so you could build some on the computer and ordered it for him. For the next several days all we kept hearing...."is it here yet?", "how many more days", "I'm SO excited"....until the box arrived. Man was this thing HUGE! Tornado Boy's eyes about popped out of his head when he saw all the cool stuff that came with it! So off he went working on the 300+ experiments that came with this box. NEVER, EVER under estimate a tornado!


  1. My son LOVES snap circuits! I really should get the mega set. Have you checked out the company's website? You can get replacement parts and cool extras. Hours of entertainment with these kits. :)

  2. I first bought the snap circuit jr (ages 8 and up) for my 5 year old, and we quickly added the real snap circuit, the FM radio and the Rover! The boys can get all the pieces to work, and have tried adding their other toys to them as well! An impressive collection! I didn't buy the computer one yet, so make sure to take pictures and tell all about it!

  3. oh boy - I have a feeling that this will start a whole new revolution in our house!! Tornado boy saw the rover kit and was instantly interested - I told him we would need to pace ourselves on what we can buy :-) The FM radio sounds SUPER cool!!!

  4. Toby is totally into the circuit board thing too. He has gone from the kits to building his own electronic items. Like converting a bicycle from pedal power to electric, wood splitter, remote fire cracker starter, to name a few.....:-) My advice to you is to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

  5. Isn't it great when you find something that takes them off in a whole new direction?!?

    I've considered snap circuits before, but never committed. I may need to reconsider that decision...


  6. It would have been great if both our boys lived nearby. Christopher would love a friend like your son.... lord knows they are hard to find!


  7. Wish our two boys lived nearby. Chris would love a friend like your son.. lord knows they are hard to find!

  8. Oh! Snap circuits! hours and hours and hours and hours of fun await all of you! I love his enthusiasm for it, and it's fun to hear about a newly developing passion. Go Tornado!

  9. We purchased a snap circuit kit last weekend! Between thinking about it for years, your post and the fact that it was 20% off at the homeschool conference, the time just seemed right. :) And so far, my 8-yr-old is loving it.