Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Invasion Has Begun!

Well, we have finally broken down and joined the millions of other families across the world and are now proud owners of......tah dah....the Wii. It all started with my hubby's Nintendo DS - he has it to help with stress relief in the office and once Tornado Boy saw it and what it does, he confiscated it from Daddy. Daddy then was without his DS and ended up having to go out and get Tornado Boy his own DS. Well, we usually rent DS games instead of buying them and Tornado Boy and I kept noticing all the cool Wii games for rental. We had been talking about it for quite some time...we were even surprised to learn that one set of our Grandparents had the system. We are not into many of the games that are out where you have to battle or use weapons and "fight"...and Tornado boy seems more into race and logic games which is fine with us. Well, Hubby surprised all of us by coming home with one yesterday. Tornado Boy was fit to be tied! They had it set up in no time and we all looked like crazy maniacs bopping and hopping around the living room (I don't want to know what we looked like through a window if someone could have seen us). Who knew that you could flip hamburgers and feed them to a hungry walrus - or whatever that freaky animal was supposed to be on Raving Rabbids - and I quickly found out that I have NO rhythm when it came to dancing along with lunatic rabbids. I am now being introduced to the Mario race terms - chain chomper, mean mushrooms, and bullet bills :-)

Needless to say, Tornado Boy was COMPLETELY on sensory overload by the end of the night and had a complete meltdown come bed time. But we knew it was coming - I mean what do you expect - Christmas in April! We will need to learn some tricks on how to let him play Wii but counter-balance the over sensory input.....we also will need to figure out some tactics on how to deal with his UNDYING perfectionistic issues that leave him angry or upset because he "just missed" getting a new time record or winning.

Tornado Boys fell asleep with this comment....."mommy, wouldn't it be the coolest if they made a Tornado Intercept game for the Wii?" He and daddy programmed their own Tornado Intercept computer game using the super cool kids programming program - Scratch which is made by MIT...who knows, maybe he will make his own Wii game! Here is the Scratch site for anyone else out there with their own little programmers - and best of all - it's FREE!


  1. My 2e kid loves Mario Kart. And the Fit. He LOVES the Fit. I love it because it's kinda sorta like OT. Lots of balance games that are good for him.
    But I'll have to look into Raving Rabbids and the Scratch site. :)

  2. Yes, we are in the middle of playing tonight and I don't want to even know how ridiculous we look! I think the silliest one is the Rabbids game - you have to ride a yak down a mountain and if you have the Wii board, you can use that for the game :-) We are really interested in the Wii fit....maybe next pay day :-)