Monday, March 16, 2009


One of Tornado boy's questions lately has been why are goosebumps called goosebumps? Good question! With his SPD, he tends to rush to the bathroom right in the nick of time because he doesn't always get the signal from his body that he needs to go like other kids. His body will finally get the signal some days when it has just about reached the point of no return....and in doing so, he always wants to know why he gets goosebumps at that moment when he finally goes.

This looks like another job for the internet search engine! So.....for all those that ever wanted to know about's the real skinny!

Goosebumps are called goosebumps because if you ever plucked a goose (poor goose) then you would see little raised bumps where the feathers used to be. These bumps look identical to the raised bumps humans get...hence the name goosebumps....taaaadaaa...

Tornado boy was very interested to learn that at the end of each of your hairs, there is a teeny tiny muscle that can pull the hair erect. Goosebumps can be brought on as a response to fear, anger and in some cases things such as the ole fingers down the chalkboard, or after feeling a very strong sense of emotion. So in my little dudes case...his poor body reacts with goosebumps after some potty times because it is SOOOO relieved to finally be able to go! Back in cave-man days, the goosebump reaction would have helped keep their hairy bodies warmer by raising their hairs to help trap heat.

Mammals and birds can get goosebumps mostly to help keep them warm or to bristle themselves up to make themselves look bigger and keep enemies away. Pretty cool huh???


  1. Yours does that too? Waits until the last damned minute before dashing to the bathroom, too late more often than not? Drives me insane--he's almost 8. I just have to keep reminding myself that the SPD gets in the way and while it's better than it used to be, it still sucks.

  2. Oh - so glad I am NOT alone! Tornado boy actually was doing amazingly well for years and years - he was an easy potty train and then for some super strange reason, in the past 3 months we seem to have done some back sliding! He usually comes yelling POTTY at the top of his lungs and god help anything or anyone that is in his way while he is super speeding it to the can!