Monday, March 16, 2009

The joy of styrofoam

Who would know that so much could be done with a styrofoam airplane??? Tornado boy got the airplane at the airshow that was here this weekend and decided to do some test flights in the back yard. He went up to the top of his playset to try for longer flights and we all came up with an interesting idea. With his input, the idea grew and we got to experience the joy of an unschooled gifted child. He wanted to figure out how far each flight went and what direction. Using his compass, he carefully noted the direction of each flight and I would pace the distance out on the ground and we wrote down all the data. He then wanted to plot all the info on some kind of chart. He is ADDICTED to any and all charts. Daddy suggested a cool circle graph paper I had never heard off and found a copy on the internet. He just had to show tornado boy one time how to chart the distance and direction on the axis points and he completed the rest of the data himself. He got to see the differences between certain flights and then how other flights overlapped each other in areas.
Here I was, silly mommy, thinking we were going in the backyard just to throw an airplane!

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