Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Favorite Tornado Boy comments

After the whopper of an afternoon today, I am having a really difficult time sleeping and decided to have a good laugh and pull out some silly things I have been writing and putting away for a number of years so I could pull them out on a rainy are some of my more favorite comments/moments from my little tornado.

*yelling very proudly from the bathroom after pooping that his "intestines were now empty".

*Another potty moment....sitting on the toilet with daddy in the bathroom and he so matter of factly looked up and said, "Houston, we have a dangly".

*"Hey Mommy, I have a question, when I grow, do my ears get bigger?"

*"I am 62% done with eating my lunch".

*While laying in bed during night snuggle time, "Mommy, I have been wondering, why is the ceiling flat in our rooms but the roof outside is shaped like a triangle."

*After running into the doorframe while riding his scooter, he looked up at me and said, "I guess my ecolocation device is broken".

*"How tall can they build a building before it begins to fall over."

*He loves elevators so he asked to make his own pretend elevator on the side of the sliding kitchen door which somehow morphed into a racecar as he helped make and design the speed limit guage, the gear shifter, steering wheel and elevator floor button pad (see pic above). One day he asked if he could put an "up and out button" on his elevator pad so he could be willy wonka which then morphed into making negative and positive numbered floors after a Cyberchase on PBS that he watched.

*"Mommy, I really have a problem. I really want to be friends with the girls but they don't like to be nice to the boys. I really, really think they are pretty but I don't know if they will be my friend."

(had to add one after posting)...while having a sheer sensory overload kind of afternoon with running crazy through the house, he banged a chair back and forth banging it into the wall while we were listening to some of his favorite songs. Daddy asked him not to do that and his reply was that the "chair was dancing". Daddy replied with, "chairs do not dance into walls". Tornado boy's response was that the "chair didn't have any eyes to see the wall with" causing it to dance into the wall.....this kid could talk his way out of anything!!!

and to end on one of my favorites:

*While he was running around with the yard stick and hitting some things around the house (he wanted to hear the different tones things made depending on its size, shape and material according to him)- I told him not to bang the walls and he got very upset and looked me square in the eyes and said, "I have been thinking about this game all the way from 2001 and until December 2007 and now I can't do it!"


  1. Came across your blog while checking in at Sparkling Martins (left a comment there). I, too, am homeschooling, and working toward unschooling 2, you got it, 2 2e boys! I have given up on labels and interventions, but I applaud your enthusiasm and determination to find happiness with your little guy. It's hard work, but very rewarding! Best wishes, Andrea

  2. I am so happy you commented on my blog so that I could find yours! It's a great blog!

    I want my oldest girl (just 5 yo) to meet your tornado. She's pretty and she'd like playing with him a lot. When all of her girl cousins refused to play with her boy cousin and she asked them why, they said "Because he's a boy". She looked at them with a funny look and said "You won't play with him because he has a p*nis?" (sorry, don't want creepies following words to your blog) It was really funny - so frank that it kind of startled them out of their girly clique for the afternoon.

  3. I can't tell you how much I love this post, and all his quotes. You've inspired me to start noting all the stuff that's said around here so I can look back and laugh. :) Instead of, you know, banging my head against the wall. lol.

    I'm so glad you joined the Out of the Box group at yahoo! I'm enjoying getting to know you and your family!


  4. Hey Tiff - thanks for the sweet comment! I began a little notebook several years ago and just jot down little things/comments that he has done/said over the years. I take it out every once in awhile and just get a good laugh on tough days to help cut down on the several head holes in our wall LOL.