Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour Family Fun

I am so proud of my little tornado boy. Yesterday, when I explained to him what Earth Hour was about he wanted to know if other people on our street knew about this. I told him that I didn't know and then asked him what did he think we could do to let them know. He helped me make up a little flyer explaining what it was and then he very proudly went to some of the neighbors on our street and told them about Earth Hour. Tonight at 8:30, all of our lights went off and all computers and for the whole hour we played a board game by candlelight. Near the end, we took a flashlight walk down the street and he thought it was so neat to see our next door neighbors all sitting in their front room with candles and several other people he had spoken too with their lights off. He asked if we could do Earth Hour all the time instead of once a year and we all thought that was a really cool we are thinking about doing our own Earth Hour once or twice a month where we just turn off the electronics/lights for an evening and just enjoy each other by candlelight.

I know that a lot of people honestly feel that global warming is a joke or a myth made up by our government....and maybe some of the hype has gotten extreme...but I believe that we have been really rough on the Earth and that it can only take so much before we see damage that can't be undone. So, here in our little town in Florida, we proudly participated in Earth Hour in hopes of sharing our voice about concern for Mother Earth.


  1. I really enjoyed your blog too. It was from the heart and a reflection of what this event meant to you. I dont have my own children yet, and if I did I can only hope that I would raise them as well as you obviously have yours.

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  3. Thanks Black Razor...had to erase the second comment because it was a repeat of the first
    :-) I really appreciate your post. I am really surprised at just how many people really think that trying to conserve as a joke...your blog said it all and more - I think everyone needs to be more careful in what we do so that all of our kids and their kids will still have an earth!

  4. Tornado Boy is quite the activist! I was thinking also how nice it would be to spend an evening once a week without lights. . .so calming. Love the hedgehog!