Friday, March 20, 2009

We Come Up With the Strangest Games!

I am proud to share that we have quite an unusual household. If anyone could be a fly on a wall they would be left scratching their head asking, "what in the world are they doing?" Tornado Boy comes up with some really creative games and this one has to be at the top! I honestly have no idea how this whole thing started.....but he came up with his own way to teach skip counting all while playing delivery car service with his remote control car. We have these strange little glass "pucks" (as he calls them)...but I think they are used in flower arrangements or decoration in glass containers. He came up with a very confusing game where I take the white pucks...they are considered payment... and he takes the different colored blue ones. We each get an old cell phone (they don't work anymore) and I put in a call to the delivery service (tornado boy and his remote control car) and let him know how many blue pucks I would like for delivery. This is where it gets confusing....He made up his own order chart and had me write it down for him (as you can see in the pic above)....1 blue puck costs 5 white pucks, 2 blue pucks costs 10 white pucks...all the way up to a super wuper shmuper load which costs 500 white pucks. Well obviously we don't have 500 pucks so he came up with the idea that the white pucks can change their values to one puck being worth 5, 10, or for the heaviest load, I would send him 5 pucks which would be equal to 5x100.
So the game goes on with me "calling" in an order on the cell phone to him at the other side of the hallway or room and telling him what size order I want. Then, he loads in the appropriate amount of pucks into a plastic bag and places it on the back of his remote control car and sends it on its way over to me on the other side. I unload my order and I put in my correct payment of white pucks and push the car back to him....and the orders continue until he gets bored and moves onto something new.
I have NO idea where this whole thing came from but he came up with every part of it all by himself....throughout the week, Tornado boy comes up with complicated games like this one almost on a daily least we are never bored!!!


  1. Ah. Yes. Calvinball. It's played here often. LOL!

  2. How funny it is to hear that there are other households out there with very curious games! Thanks for sharing :-)