Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sky is the Limit!

Well yesterday was the start of Tornado boy's new love - rock climbing! He watched the safety video and I got him harnessed up and he was off! Dear husband and I have been talking about various sports he could try but it always came back to his Dyspraxia and Sensory Disorder. With both of those, his fine and gross motor coordination really does him in. Tornado boy quickly figured out when he was younger, that he tended to always be the last one at running races or the last one to get picked for teams....and it was a sore spot for him. So team sports like soccer and t-ball just didn't look like the best fit. Rock climbing is SO perfect for him! It will really help build up his fine motor skills with his fingers and hands and talk about a confidence booster! You should have seen the look of just sheer pride on his face while he was climbing! His biggest thing was that he has never really been up in high places and he was unsure about climbing so high. He would get 3/4 of the way up the beginners wall and ask to come back down. Each time he went up, he went higher and higher. After our hour session, he was one pooped out child!! He begged to go back again today and he was so excited. He tired a lot more quickly this time because his little muscles were still a little tired from yesterday's climb....but he was beaming with pride when he left. As we got into the car he looked at me and said, "I am an official rock climber mommy - I am really, really into this!".
He didn't make it to the top even though he really kept trying....but boy oh boy, talk about being proud the day he does make it to the top!!


  1. We may need to look into this for A. I think he'd be more into it now than even a few months ago. Luckily our rec center has a climbing wall and lessons! :)

  2. I think the hardest thing for him has been getting over the fact that he is so high up....Daddy said that he might actually really be into it and if I didn't have a messed up shoulder, so would I think that this weekend, Daddy and tornado Boy were going to go together and possibly with another person up there with him, it will help him get over the height thing!